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recuitment information

job requirement :

job responsibilities:

1. organizing the formulation of safety management related systems and various safety emergency plans;

2. organize safety training and drills, supervise and improve safety work;

3. conduct on-site safety supervision and management for special safety and direct operation links.

4. implement the company's policies and objectives on quality, environment and occupational health and safety, and take charge of the company's work safety production, work safety and health, and fire control management.

5. participated in the internal safety inspection of the company, conducted investigation and analysis of the inspection results, and put forward treatment suggestions.

6. participate in the handling of safety accidents, investigate and analyze the accidents, and propose safety measures in the production process.

7. carry out safety production education and safety technology training of the company, and work with relevant departments to provide three-level safety education for new employees and safety technology training and assessment for special operation personnel and other personnel.

8. regular and professional inspection of the company's fire control work, and timely report and deal with any problems found.


1. hold the certificate of certified safety engineer;

2. bachelor degree, major in chemical engineering;

3. at least 3 years working experience in the same position in the same industry.

job title:certified safety engineer