2019-02-26 at the beginning of the spring, 80 brands and quality aerosol suppliers gathered at the beautiful west lake to talk and analyze aerosol products. this is the first special technical salon after the new year party of packaging house hangzhou branch on january 5th.

aerosol products, familiar and unfamiliar. life is full of contacts, but there are few professional interpretations. hereby, the packing of hangzhou branch of listed companies in zhejiang province planning the activities with the green island technology co., ltd., and invited to aerosol, professor, director of the professional committee of china packaging federation, alternative medicine and chemical technology committee of the united nations, is considered the father of the chinese aerosol, contribution certificate of the nobel peace prize winner, american environment protection of the ozone layer prize winner, who enjoy special government allowances of the state council to swim one sir, shanghai jia tian pharmaceutical packaging co., ltd. (hereafter called "general manager mr shen chenhua, tower (wantong) beauty makeup division director of sales lanjindi, aerosol, deputy director of professional committee of experts of china packaging federation technology co., ltd., zhejiang green island, former chief technology officer, mr johnson company global aerosol r&d experts zhen-yu kang technology co., ltd., senior engineer, general manager of zhejiang green island xiao-bing wang sir, from the trend, aluminium cans, valves, product labels, transport and key points of quality control, product development etc. to share the precious experience.

the salon was opened by mr. li sheng, vice president of packing house and head of packing house technology center. you yizhong professor made an impassioned speech, he thought that the need is the source of development, cosmetics and aerosol perfect match; in terms of big data, south africa had 2.11 cans of cosmetic aerosol per capita in 2017, while china had 0.22 cans. in 1991, professor you saw a double-ended aerosol product overseas. one end was a shaving foam and the other end was a skin cream. the owner offered 100 dollars. professor you thinks aerosol has a long way to go, and it is necessary to popularize, learn, track and inherit aerosol products to realize the chinese dream -- aerosol products with chinese characteristics. the audience broke into warm applause to pay tribute to the father of chinese aerosol and his chinese dream.

clothes make the man. a good product cannot do without good packaging. shen chenhua, general manager of shanghai jiatian pharmaceutical packaging co., ltd, takes us to the world of aluminum cans to understand how steel is made. mr. shen shared the six key indicators of aluminum cans, including flanging height, pressure strength of the tank mouth, contact height, outside diameter of the tank mouth, inside diameter of the tank mouth and deformation blasting pressure. he also introduced the inner coating, cutting process, discoloration and soft-touch surface processing process.

good saddle, aluminum can, we need a good valve. ms. lan jindi, sales director of apta (wantong) beauty cosmetics division, introduced the structure, classification and application of the valve. valve, according to the domestic custom, generally divided into one valve and two valve. the advantages of dual valves, namely bov, are not dangerous goods, reducing development costs; more free development of material body; more stable pressure, better atomization effect, is the ordinary pump head can not be compared; belongs to the environmental protection packing. bov is now widely used in makeup sprays, rehydration sprays, soothing sprays, sunscreen sprays and body lotion. (as the editor knows, prevent bask in mist to use because of its convenient sex, market demand is hot)

aerosol, deputy director of professional committee of experts of china packaging federation technology co., ltd., zhejiang green island, former chief technology officer at mr johnson company global aerosol r&d experts zhen-yu kang popularized the aerosol product labels for us and the corresponding transport requirement, category 1, highly flammable aerosol, category 2 - flammable aerosol, these two types of dangerous goods, should meet the jt/t 617.1-617.7-2018 road transport of dangerous goods rules, a limited number of gb 28644.2 2012 dangerous goods and packaging requirements. class 3 - non-flammable gas sprays, unmarked, not classified as dangerous goods. the quality control of aerosol products includes the flow and control of finished product filling, packaging and production, key process control, core validation test of aerosol products and the main problems that may be encountered in the production inspection.

mr. wang xiaobing, general manager and senior engineer of zhejiang lvdao technology co., ltd., introduced the key points of aerosol product development from the aspects of aerosol packaging selection and content. aerosol containers can be aluminum cans, tin cans, pet resin cans three forms; aerosol container selection elements: container material, inner coating material, container size, container shape, stability test results; aerosol valve selection elements: cup sealing material, cup sealing internal coating, stem diameter, valve chamber diameter, rubber gasket and stability testing; spray nozzle selection elements: spray state requirements, aesthetic requirements, mousse nozzle, mist spray, powder products, stability test; selection elements of aerosol lids: degree of fit: fit without obvious gaps and sloshing, lifting force: 2-5kg for general cosmetics, load-bearing test, drop test, anti-aging test and aesthetics. aerosol contents include 1) projectile agent, liquefied gas, compressed gas, and 2) raw liquid, aqueous solution, non-aqueous solution, and emulsion. products in the form of soft mist moisturizing spray, sunscreen spray, massage foam lotion, after foam gel, no rinse hair spray, sunscreen bb mousse, foam shampoo and carbon dioxide foam cleanser and so on.